Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Days 348-356 Christmas!

Loved having FOUR stockings and actually FOUR people in the house this year and not just hoping for PandaJOY to come along.

Fun to watch the girls be so giddy about all the presents!!

Our PandaFamily celebrated at our home a bit early so we could travel to family out-of-town.  Christmas Eve for us was the 21st.

We all enjoyed sparkling cider along with summer sausage, crackers, pita chips, cheeses and oranges.

This would gum in the brand new Barbie*s hair just about 30 minutes after being opened.  Three year old in the house.  She now has bangs.

Perfect picture to capture the Christmasy feel!!

Celebrated Jesus' birth with family in the woods with a roaring fireplace and beautiful scenery out the back windows.  Lovely.

Just for kicks we all got argyle socks!!

Precious little fingers helping in the kitchen.  Not really taken on this day, but come on, there are too many to narrow it down!!

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  1. Gorgeous pics. A blessed Christmas most certainly!!