Saturday, December 10, 2011

Days 337-339 Yay & Nay

Thursdays are PandaPop's day off and we LOVE to go on mini-dates!! Cracker*Barrel was perfect for breakfast out after dropping off the girls for school.  It was cold outside and they, of course, had their wonderfully huge fireplace roaring and the place decorated for Christmas. Sweet times.

And then came Friday.....Short version: the deaf dog chewed up one of the $3000+ hearing aids of PandaPop's.  As we are in shock over THAT amount of money we don't have needed to replace the aid, I walk into my closet to change clothes and move on with life when my foot is covered in water because the hot water heater decided it was the day to burst and stop working.  $800 later that day....we had a new one ready to go.  That sucked up my photo shoot money from this fall. Gave me a great opportunity to practice what I preach with Eucharisteo......give thanks in ALL things.

And this?  THIS!!! Welcome to the new millenium PandaMom!!!!! I finally got a smart phone and not just any, but an iPhone*! Yes, I am a true Mac Snob.

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  1. As we approach the magic number 365, I find myself a little sad that you won't be blogging like this anymore....unless, you've decided to keep it up? I love the brief insights into your life and soul. Missing you today especially.