Friday, December 30, 2011

Believe It or Not, I've Lost Count of the Days

The interesting pics below of the firemen in my living room comes from us calling them because our carbon monoxide detectors went crazy yesterday morning.  Now this afternoon we sit here, alive thankfully, but looking at yet another outrageous expense that we can't afford with a new furnace.  Didn't we just shell a boat-load of money for the water heater and doesn't PP still need a $3000 hearing aid? Still need to fix the A/C on the Tahoe, we both need glasses and our bathroom has a $3000 NEEDED repair. Fun times.

Baylor University*, my alma mater, won the Alamo* Bowl!! Big time news for them and this year they boast the recipient of the coveted Heisman* Trophy, Robert Griffin*  III or better known as RG3. Good times for my Baylor*Bears!!

1 comment:

  1. My God shall supply all your needs...

    what it doesn't say is "in His time" while He uses the interim to get us to lean fully on him, trust completely, rest abundantly. Very difficult things. Lifting you and yours up.