Saturday, December 3, 2011

Days 326-332 Second Time Catch-up

So elated to have FOUR stockings this year AND the 4th member of the family actually WITH us even though it isn't official.....YET!

How can one go wrong with sparkle ornaments and a glass bowl?

PandaPop slipped coming down the stairs and while climbing over the baby gate (which isn't for PJ, but rather for keeping PandaDoggie OUT of the girls' beds while they are sleeping) and jammed his finger into the door frame.  All puffy and gross. Really hurts. : (

Up on the fridge top sat some fat snowmen!

We have JOY and NOEL all over our house for representing both of our girls!

Dining table topper above and below is a seemingly cautious doggie who is not sure whether or not to partake in the burnt cookie offering in my hand.

 Love his expression.

He ate the cookie.

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  1. This picture made me laugh out loud! =) Funny dog! The table topper picture is beautiful, too.