Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 87 - Girl's Night Out


PandaGirl and I went out for a little girl-date and had such a BLAST at Pei Wei, Charming Charlie's, Bath & Body Works (I know.....I said I'd never go back, but I love their stuff!!), Yogurt Story and Target! We ended up with these darling matching power rings. PG's favorite color is GOLD. Very persistent with that choice, too. Not yellow.....GOLD. Nice taste! We were so delighted to be together without the high maintenance little jabber-jaws along with us this time. We love PJ so much, but we all need breaks from her demanding little self. This is the first time in two months since she came along that PG and I have done something together. Much needed GNO!


  1. A girl has to have her bling!! Never under estimate the power of alone time with your eldest. My biggest power struggles came when Emma needed some extra Momma time.


  2. I am sure your time meant the world to PG (and you!) :)