Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 86 - A Girl's Security


I ADORE this story!!!!! This morning PandaGirl was looking for a purse to carry to church. Well, PandaJOY wanted one too, so she trotted over to one of her toy baskets and got her black purse. We drive to church, walk in the building and I ask her, "where's your paci?" to which she quickly replies, "in my purse!!" So precious! She opened it up and showed me how safe & sound her little security "blanket" was just lying in the bottom of her purse all by itself. I asked if she wanted a tissue to go with it and she joyfully said no being completely happy with her paci in her purse. She also was showing anyone that would look inside her purse at her prized paci.

I love this on two levels: one, we girls have to have our "stuff" in our purse and with us at all times.....just in case we need it. Second, look at the parallel between our life and this purse & paci. We want everyone to see our pretty purse on the outside looking so together, but on the inside is all our insecurities and our true self.

I'm thinking I'll use this little beauty of a story many times over in my life.