Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 81 - The Reality of JOY


Oh my. This picture is perfect for how today went down.

The honeymoon is over. : (

PandaJOY is called to be with us and we know the Lord has plans for her and us as a family, but she has been here since February 8 and is now showing some of her true colors.

You don't think a two year old can KNOW what they're doing when they are mischievous? HA! This little one MUST have my attention at all times or she'll go off and do something naughty or give me the evil eye. Once she's done with her fit then all is well and it's back to I love you's and playfulness. I'm telling you.....she is wearing me OUT!!!!! Love her to pieces and love how stinkin' funny she is and cuddly, but the amount of work it takes to parent her is very, very challenging.

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