Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 54 - iwantmypaci


PandaJOY is seriously attached to her paci. Baby girl has had so much transition and change in her little life that I don't care if she needs it til she's 18....she can have it! OK, I'll probably try to get it away from her within the year, but for real....she needs some sort of comfort and by the looks of her terrible bite, we are in for a big dental bill later on in life so she might as well enjoy her paci while she can. There are two more around the house somewhere. One is in her darling little mouth while she is sleeping safe, sound and secure in her bed right now.


  1. So fun to watch your journey with your new little one. =) What a fun year to do a 365!

  2. I had a binkie baby too, and her teeth are gorgeous now... she sucked on that thing til she was nearly three, and it didn't do her any real harm, so no worries... happy baby, happy mama, I always say!! LOL