Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 48 - Nostalgia


Today, PP, PJ & I were cleaning up the garage with the door open letting the overcast skies blow in a great 72 degree wind on us. After more playing than cleaning on mine and PJ's part we made lunch to take out to PP in the garage. (We missed PG, but she was at school. Shh...don't tell her we did would break her heart to not be a part of it).

We have a great table out there so we had an impromptu garage picnic. I happened to buy bologna (or better known 'round here as boloney!!) for PJ and decided we'd all have mustard & boloney sandwiches with a pickle and some Fritos. With a bite of each item I was taken back to my childhood and loved every second of that lunch! Memories flooded in by the simple taste of that trio of foods together.

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