Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 7 - Just When You Think.....

PP-365-7 are about to turn the corner you realize it's just another cliff.

Unofficially found out today that the mediation date of January 18 has been changed due to a lawyer's need to change for another case. Don't even know when the next date could possibly be.

I was so mad that I went numb and didn't feel anger or tears or anything. Just numb.

It's all quite sickening. When is enough, enough?

All I could do was listen to Bebo Norman sing "I Will Lift My Eyes"....two hours later.


  1. Of this, I am sure of, there will be a day that the delay doesn't matter. All u will remember is the good. Hang in there guys. You are still on the road to the great stuff.

  2. So many words come to mind, but I think you just need to know that I will carry you to Jesus.

    Love you.

    BTW, I think I'm addicted to your blogs. I LOVE looking at pictures you have taken. You have a gift.