Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 287 - Let's Get Physical

PP thought this would be cute for me.  He and PG are into Lego Mini-figs (short for mini-figurines) and buy them every now and then.  They aren't cheap for the small amount of plastic that comes out of the package.  This morning PP told me that he thought I'd appreciate this and to remind me the 80's. I also love it because when I was in elementary school I wanted to grow up and be an aerobics instructor so I could wear cute tights, leg warmers and those white Reeboks* with the double velcro straps.  Pretty lofty goal since I was the most un-athletic child known to man.  Seems as though that goal didn't work out. ; )

I remember when Olivia Newton John came up with her song "Let's Get Physical" and all the moms were in an uproar not letting us listen to it.  The video was of fat guys all decked out in workout clothes along with Miss O in her get up and they were supposed to be talking about exercise.

Yeah, right.

The whole song was about getting physical with your love interest.....if you know what I mean.

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