Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 283 - New Found Goodness!!

PP and I have gained so much yucky weight and are going to be doing a juicing reboot this week to kick-start our clean eating again.  Can't buy the juicer until tomorrow so this morning we headed out to Jamba*Juice with the girls since they were out of school for Columbus Day (do we really need them home for that? Just askin'. ).  We fell in love with this place that we pass multiple times a week yet have never been through the doors!! Super healthy and yummy.  Tried steel-cut oats and will not ever want regular flattened oatmeal again.  I've read about how much healthier steel-cut oats are than oatmeal, but have not made the effort to buy and cook them.  Totally different texture and I really liked them.  Seemed like I was having rice or tapioca instead of oatmeal.  I could eat rice daily and be happy so this is a great new discovery along with the super healthy smoothie I had complete with spirulina and all!

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