Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 263 - Freebies!

Are you familiar with Scentsy*?  I have used it for awhile and have even used some knock-off brands (not near as good!!!), but the other day I had a party with my friend from church who sells it and it turned out GREAT! I think there were a whopping TWO people who could actually attend, but several people ordered through the catalog and I ended up with $81.00 of FREE stuff! Yes.....EIGHTY ONE DOLLARS! Every single one of those scent bars in the picture were FREE along with my AMAZINGLY yummy perfume stick called Satin Sheets that makes me keep sniffing my own wrists every few minutes like a weirdo.  I also got THREE full size warmers for 50% off.  If you want to know any more about it just mention it in the comments and my friend would be happy to send you to her website!  Right now my house smells like Honey Pear Cider*. Yum.

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