Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 253 - Jammer Time

I never thought I'd say that I attended a flat track roller derby bout.  I have now attended a flat track roller derby bout. I also have a new set of lingo to use.

And I actually had a great time!! I have to admit that I was reluctant and only going to support and love on my friend.  As a kid, watching the women's roller derby scared me to death with those women being so mean to each other.  That was the vision I had in my head still along with the fact that the general attitude of the sport is IN YOUR FACE, I'M GONNA KILL YOU, EAT THIS, DIE $*@%#$@, ripped up fish net stockings, lots of tattoos and a darker genre that I'm just not fond of (though I do want a tat!!).  Actually seeing it in action and understanding the objective of the sport made it all really fun and I am so proud of my friend for DOING IT and living one of her dreams.

Everyone has a name that's a play on words or twists names to make them.....more.....uhm...dark.  Her name is Reckless Housewife.  She's had that as her blog name for a long time and it was a perfect fit to be her derby name when the opportunity arose last spring.

Yes, her actual number is 867-5309.  Very funny.

Anyone in my generation can't help but singing 86753-OH-9eee-ine...Jenny, I've got your number....

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