Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 137 - Gifties!

Right after PandaJOY came to live with us back in February I happily joined with my buddies in what was once MOPS, but now is known by an even cuter name at our church.  Today was the luncheon for the last meeting of the year until all resumes in the fall.  I AH-DORE the chicks at my table and LOVE laughing my head off with them!  This HUGE painted terra cotta pot was a gift to all the participants and the darling earring hanger was made our mentor mom (who is six years older than me...LOL!!!) and she also handmade dangly earrings for each of us at our table.  Everything was topped off with great fajitas and dessert! Great distraction from the reality that PandaPop is at the jury trial for PJ today.

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