Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 124 - Amber & Cream

This is the heavenly heaven that I raved about a couple of posts ago.  FAGE Greek yogurt and honey.  PandaPop doesn't care for it.  Says it's "too....pungent, strong...WHOA."  I, who could take a spoon and eat rich frosting straight from the container, trans fat & all, LOVE this rich CREAMY good-for-me-goodness!  Each bite of thick creamy tart yogurt with this some-kind-of-wonderful honey they have conveniently in a cute little compartment right beside the yogurt brings me to my knees.  Yes, it's that good to me.

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  1. Your pictures make EVERYTHING look good. I'm pleased to read how happy YOU are right now. Keep the happy vibes coming!