Monday, April 11, 2011

Days 97-101 NYC!!

I didn't spend much money on NYC junk, but I had to buy all of the PandaFamily I ♥ NYC shirts. A must! I'll take pics later of both PJ and PG. PG had already gone to school when I snapped this of PJ.

There was toooooooooo much in Central Park for me to easily choose one photo! Central Park was my favorite part of the whole trip! LOVED it!

The famous Times Square was so full of people and just had an electric buzz to the atmosphere. Very fun, but way too crowded for us. We left before it got dark to go do something else.

Every morning we got a voucher from our hotel for Starbucks.  LOVE this pic of my friend.  Looks so New York.
I love this shot that I took right out of my airplane window. Gorgeous skies!!


  1. Very cool shot of Central Park. Can't wait to see more pics.

  2. I love New York! My hubby is there right now and I wish I was too. Great place to visit!