Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 118 - I Must Have Died Because This Is Too Good To Be True


That is really the English version.  FAGE.  You see it written on the carton with Greek lettering.

Not pronounced like PAGE, but rather very Greeky...... /fa yeh/.

Since I am really trying to eat cleaner foods and fill my body with nutrition instead of processed anti-foods (that are so convenient and so easily addictive!!!!) I decided to try Greek yogurt.  It is far superior in health benefits than what we Americans like to call yogurt.  It has a sort of stout bitter twang when eaten plain, but the goodness it does for our bodies is wonderful.  I opened the little cutie-patootie container, mixed that natural strawberry spread in with the Greek yogurt, took my first bite and I about fell out of my seat.  It was so incredibly THICK and CREAMY that I swore I was licking frosting off a cake that I wasn't supposed to.  Not too sweet, but oh-so-incredibly-CREAMY!!!!!

I was pretty euphoric for the duration of the snack.

I'll be buying more Greek yogurt.

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  1. you are so easily amused. we've been eating fage and other greek yogurts for a couple of years. the honey variety is very good, too.