Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day - 215 - The Tournament

I have to say that this photo IS FABULOUS!!!!!!! I took it at Medieval**Times which is an entertainment place that serves 11th century food you eat with your fingers and actual (choreographed) jousting with real horses and knights and kings, etc.  It was soooooo much FUN!!!!!  I captured this moment in a nano-second of time when the swords of the good guy and the bad guy hit in their final battle.  I put the watermark across the middle because I don't want it stolen from here by anyone.  I plan sending it to the company because it is so COOL!! In real life the sparks were tiny, but the camera doesn't lie, right?  I guess it happened so fast that our eyes didn't catch it like my little 50mm 1.8 did.

The night before we went to a Japanese hibachi grill for dinner which was fabulous fun for the girls to see fire right at our table, but I took my point & shoot camera and the pics are gross. : (

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