Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 199-202 Camp 2011

One of the best weeks in children's ministry....CAMP! We do our own camp for 3rd-6th graders and on the same campus, but with their own camp is our middle school and high school student camp. This is our 3rd year to be on the same campus and it couldn't be any better of a set up. Our church LOVES this interaction with each other!!!!!!!!!!!!

My beloved Wild & Precious friend made these for PandaGirl and her friend who will be "real" campers next summer.  She put her heart and soul into making THE most darling To Do books for the girls!!

This hottie was the camp Pastor and my LOVE!!!!!!! He truly ADORES the kids in his ministry and treasures the volunteers!! He did a great job and I love him soooooooo!

What words are needed for this breathtaking view of God's beautiful paintbrush?

Side note: The Friday before we left for camp, our car DIED on the grocery store parking lot which will cost a chunk to repair.  On the way to camp our Tahoe*s  A/C DIED and THAT will be a chunk of change.  We are supposed to go on vacation week after next.  Looks like it might be cut short or else we're packing our lunches. Yikes. ; )

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