Saturday, June 18, 2011

Days 167-169 PandaGirls' Road Trip

 Visited with one of my BFFs (that's her hand and one of her sons in the background) that I've know since 1997 and haven't seen in person in over five years.  So blessed to be with this family and catch up then be able to move on down the  road a ways in the deep piney woods of east Texas to see my BFF from across The Pond who was home for a quick visit.  I stayed up until midnight with the first friend and 1 AM with the second.  God MOVED in my life and heart with my precious peeps and I am so grateful.  Me and my PandaGirls had a FABULOUS time and loved our girl trip together.  PandaPop was SICK to not be with us and see our friends, too because he and the two husbands are just as good of friends.  However, he was doing his job by accompanying the middle school choir/mission tour all week long.  We HATED not having PP with us, but I am so proud of us PandaGirls making it all on our own!  PP did get to see some other BFFs of ours from a former church in which we served while on his trip so he was blessed, too while I was SAD to have missed visiting with those friends. Whew! What a start to summer! We went in different directions across our huge state of Texas and are so glad to be back home.

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